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Copyright Protection

ICPS (intensive / responsive copyright protection system) is largest video sharing website, with a purpose to provide ceaseless entertainment to its users. does not allow copyright infringement activities on their web platform. We respect all copyright content, and we strictly do not allow copyright content on our website. Users found involved in such activities, will have their accounts suspended from the feature to upload more videos

The Protection/Flagging System.

To Protect the Copyright Videos, team has provided a flagging option under all the videos, which can be used to report videos. This will allow the moderators to intervene and take necessary measure to check and clear the report within a span of 24 hours time.

1. Responsive/Intensive.

To stop Abuse and Copyright Violation, team has introduced an Intensive/Responsive video inactive System. This system measures whether the user is new and possesses an increasingly low repute or bad upload history, thereby enabling his uploaded videos to become inactive upon receiving the first copyright flag. Furthermore, this will not be made available to its users until it is reviewed by admin who will look into the matters and form a judgment whether the copyright protection has been violated or not

2. Review System

To report a video on, one can simply login to their system through the sign up page ( ). If one does not possess an account, they can register for free.

Once the user is logged in, he/she can browse to the video page where he/she can find an option to report the video beneath the video player. Upon clicking on it, a form will be displayed giving the options of choosing a reporting category. Accordingly, one can simply choose the appropriate option as per the case, however, in our case we will choose the Choose Copyright Infringement option and click report. On successful report, a message will be displayed confirming that your report has been submitted.

Countless videos are being uploaded on on a daily basis. Our team tries their level best to resolve issues in the shortest span of times. However, one must ensure that the email address used for their account is valid, as our team may contact for further information.

P.S: If we undergo any necessary changes on policy we'll post it here.